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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Counselling, What is it all about?

Counselling is a therapeutic service that provides a non-judgemental and confidential environment, where an individual: the client can experience his/herself being fully heard. Counselling aims to help promote the well-being of the client at times of difficulty and vulnerability by - exploring those issues and identifying the right course of action suitable to the client. Whereby the client can increase in his/her ability to sustainably manage difficulties, including finding ways of coping. However, an individual need not be in crisis to be eligible for counselling. Counselling can be sought after simply for personal growth, for increased awareness and understanding of self, or when you are looking for spirituality and balance in your life.

What are the benefits?

Counselling provides a safe space for the client to just “Be”. Sometimes even with the supportive presence of friends and family, further support may be needed. Counselling enables you to focus on issues that are most important to you, that will make a difference to your present situation, enabling you to tell your story, understand self and increase self-awareness. Explore what you ideally want; experience being listened to and heard. Identify and make your own choices, be resourced and thrive.

What might be explored?

You can explore feelings and emotions that are important to you. Feelings and emotions that may be in relation to: 

*Health issues, *Loss and Bereavement, *Redundancy, *Bullying, *Abuse, *Anger, *Isolation, *Relationships, *Confidence, *Self-esteem, *Stress and Anxiety, *Depression and Low mood, *Identity, *Post-Traumatic Stress, *Addiction, *Trauma, *Inequality, *Faith and Spirituality, *Cultural difference, *Race, *Self-Harm/Suicidal thoughts … and more

Are the sessions Confidential?

Counselling sessions are one-to-one and takes place in a safe setting face-to-face, or online via Zoom which is an encrypted service that is free for the client to access. There is a confidentiality policy which will be discussed at the client’s initial session. 

What is expected of the Client?

To consider whether you feel ready to receive counselling, and that it is a choice you are making to support yourself.

To commit to attend contracted counselling sessions at the agreed re-occurrence (i.e. weekly/fortnightly). 

To engage – being open and willing to explore in your own way and pace, your issues and emotions. 

Why choose me?

I come under the Professional Standards Authority Accredited register, that is the BACP Register. 

Being a BACP registered Therapist gives you the assurance that I meet professional standards of proficiency, training and ethical practice.

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