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Availability and Waiting List

If my availability becomes limited, please know that you can be placed on my waiting list should you wish, and will be seen usually within 2 weeks. Alternatively, trying brief therapy (i.e. 2 - 4 sessions) on a fortnightly bases to begin with might be a quicker

option should you require therapeutic support immediately. Then once there are more availability, sessions can return to weekly intervals. This option can be beneficial as you are in a counselling service - you are being seen, talk about your pressing issues and are supported rather than not being seen until there is an availability for weekly sessions.

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Telling your story 

Therapeutic support can be a great tool for self-development, you can gain increased self-awareness, gain helpful tools to aid you in self-care and self-regulation.

To begin, it is worth asking yourself: "what is going to make the most difference to me right now?" and take the first answer that comes up, or the thought that is most present in your mind, that seems to linger in your mind.

Shame Guilt Growth

Shame and Guilt

When shame is managed properly through first establishing

safety - safety in relationship, and sense of self.  
Speaking from the heart empathetically, reconnecting and

repairing, enables the individual to understand that your

relationship with them is not lost, i.e.

'it's not you, it's the behaviourit's not our relationship, it is me simply teaching you appropriate behaviour'. By so doing,

the painful experience of shame can be decreased, which

enables the individual to develop empathy...

Half Face Growth


The need for healthy and secure attachment is universal. When feelings of anxiety and insecurity are experienced, a child needs the safety, protection and close contact of their main caregivers. For within this close connection and interaction, the child begins to learn and experience vital information and skills - they experience themselves being experienced by others. As a result, they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Bowlby 1969 describes attachment as: a deep affectionate and emotional bond between two persons, that endures and connects the two individuals across time and space. Such is the beauty and importance of attachment.




In collaboration with The Herd Theatre Ltd, I will be facilitating workshops on bereavement and loss in Primary Schools in the Hull East Yorkshire area. Follow the Link for more information: 

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