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Flowers and Stone

Adoption Support Counselling


50 minutes


It is the right and entitlement of every child to be brought up in a permanent family, to be nurtured, loved, valued. To experience continuity of commitment and to belong. 

As a registered Adoption Therapist, I provide Adoption Support Counselling to help all individuals affected by adoption. My goal is to offer sustainable support to adopted children/individuals, adoptive parents, birth parents, and extended family members.

Interventions within this therapy are tailored to the client's needs, which can range from and/or around attachment, grief, loss, trauma, identity. We work through shame, guilt, developmental trauma and therapeutic parenting. Supporting the client with their life story work. The therapeutic interventions and techniques used such as PACE, life story work, are centred on: safety, self-regulation, self-reflective work, relational engagement, positive affect enhancement. All of which supports the individual/family to make sense of all that has happened in their lives.


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