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Flowers and Stone

Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

£78.00 - £100.00

60 - 90 minutes


An individual's true and innate self, or inner wisdom, desires the individual to heal and to thrive as a fully functioning individual. As a result of this, perhaps by universal or divine design, painful feelings and experiences that one buries, often comes up to the surface, its triggered or re-remembered


As we know, fear, pain, including fear of pain and reliving past traumas or unpleasant history makes any one of us want to run, hide, avoid, become defensive; it simply triggers the fight, flight or freeze response, including triggering other types of symptoms and behavioural issues already experienced.  


In CRM therapy, the individual is supported within their own pace in discovering and accessing their own resources that intrinsically lies within their mind, body and spirit, that enables feeling and processing painful feelings possible. This enables the individual to step into their pain fully, and the need for their nervous system defence responses of fight, flight, freeze, avoid are no longer needed. 

The process of resourcing through: attunement, breath work, connection to their history with nature: a special place that is unique to the individual, or that can be created; and journeying to discover a heart friend - a resource figure that is present for the individual's most healing. These resources enables the individual to feel safe enough to truly feel deeply, to release the pain and terror. CRM helps clear out the sludge and debris obstacles that prevents the individual from re-membering who they really are, which is a person who is not defined from their pain and history.   


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